Dir. Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez
Work-in-progress / 2008-... / 8'48
In collaboration with :
Svetlana Lazic, Paolo Gérard, Raquel Paulo,
Firat Engin and Michal Gatarek.

CCR, Térence Meunier.

After a Matthieu hugy's idea.

* * * * * * *

What is "Europe" today?

The confusion is often made between Europe and European Union, maybe since every european country is nowadays droven to set strategical relationships with it, either through bilateral agreements, or Schengen Space, or Euro Zone, or EU membership for instance.

European Union focuses then all the attention in Europe and keeps writing its story, based on this idea of a growing, powerful and unified geopolitical alliance.

But when looking at it closer, what do we catch?
If EU keeps growing - at which cost? -, does it reach to be unified and powerful?
Isn't Bruxels, one of the main EU admistrative places, at the heart of a relevant political crisis? Isn't the Czech EU presidency explicitely "euro-sceptic"? Isn't EU totaly interdependent from the other world "superpowers" and therefore interrelated to the crisis touching those ones?

Many issues can be raised on the EU's construction actual state, but also on its future, and it is precisely the dysfunctions, the failings of those strategies that we'd like to give rise to - we are sure that our representatives can value their own sucesses- , with humor and modesty since we've never got involved into EU politician administrative life.

It is therefore from this citizen point of view that we'll try with the video serie "Euroscope" to decipher paneuropean and national situations, with the idea of giving to see and understand those particular contexts.

Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez
Paris, 03.02.2009.