In transition, Serbia is seeking to reconstruct itself, taking more developped countries as models.

The signs that tends towards the West are visible. Numerous paradoxes are its results. The idea of an Europe that progresses is expressed. Thoses visions, more the fact that the borders are hardly surmountable, have the consequence that meeting the people from the outside is rarely face to face.

What is the idea of Europe? What are the desires and the expectations resulting from this idea?

The conflictual years has just stopped, in the meanwhile new systems are already present. Serbia's context is then a succession of unpredictable speed yards. Is it question of integration? Or do we just have to appear like the other systems?

The rebuilding often distorts, since it goes with the desire to adapt to the image of more attractive models, but it is maybe illusory when there is no resolution of the fundamental problems.

The interested country's expression is as important as the good advices of those who want to help it.

The problem seeks for its resolution and the resolution depends on the context in which the problem occured. Looking for the exits outside the country would mean imposing foreign laws without caring of the desires and the needs of those who are in difficulties. The same is true when you seek for the solutions without an external point of view, it can reinforce the illusions and the confinement of a country that use to shut away.

The intention of this project is to lead with the present, questionning the different mecanisms that tends towards a new definition of the country.

Not seeking truths that would too easily give a point of view to the movie and would then risk to give a too-much defined taint, misleading us with illusory answers.

Avoid clichés, avoid insisting on elements that would reinforce either the received ideas or the appearances that often conceal numerous contradictions from us.

Shooting above all youth, themselves in transition, moving, growing.

Shooting cast: Yann Guillemain, Vicky Ficher, Juliano Nuñes Caldeira, Térence Meunier, Anna Roussillon, Sylvain Daval, Svetlana Lazic.

Video sketch - 2006/... - 28mn
Serbian version - Eng. subt.
Dir. Svetlana Lazic