Fruit of a collaboration between Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez, Marilou Hatinguais, Bistra Georgieva and Matthieu Hugy, Krew na trawniku* is the second part of a video correspondance initiated in 2006 through Youtube, in the mark of the International screenwriters festival (Bourges, France).

Hosted this time by the Haïdouc gallery between October and December 2008, the project took the form of a creation, reflexion and exchange laboratory on actual european issues. The idea of this production residency was to generate new colaborations, new video correspondances, and new axis of reflexions.

This website provides you the possiblity to see the evolution of the residency, and the video producted by/or with the participation of Lana Lazic, Yann Guillemain, Vicky Ficher, Juliano Nuñes Caldeira, Anna Roussillon, Sylvain Daval, Térence Meunier, Marion Andrieux, Boris Kaeski, Raquel Paulo, Benjamin Lefebvre, Firat Engin, Michal Gatarek, Paolo Gérard, Loïs Roussillon, Yves Mettler, Jenifer Brunet et Pathé N'Diagne.

We highly encourage you to take contact with us if you are interested in submitting either comments, or a video or any other document that could feed our work in progress!

Many thanks to Florence Proton, Erik Bullot, and Bandits-mages.

*Blood on the grass

(Views on Europe)