English version - 1'43 -
Macedonia - 2008
Dir. Boris Kaeski
Music : Damjan Temkov

"Set us FREE"

Strong desire, but painful truth. It is the feeling that the people from the Balkan's share, while being locked within the Balkan borders and wondering if they will ever have the opportunity to share their values. We, the people from the Balkans, are thirsty for exploration and meeting new cultures, expanding our point of view, and share the common ideals, with the rest of the continent. BalKan Cage is a screaming video which very fast got popularity. The video trigger the state officials to consider the video in the country's efforts for visa liberalization.

This film is an evidence of how creative media can be used by young brains to express their ideas and attitudes and therefore induce a positive difference in the world we live in.

The idea for this video was born while Boris Kaeski was abroad on his European Voluntary Service project, , meeting young people who can freely explore the world, but not himself.

"It is just my opinion on how does EU treat us using very effective tool - visa regime."

Boris Kaeski